Shake Shack

So I know Shake Shack isn’t a hidden gem like the places I go usually are but, they are totally worth a shout out.  A few days ago I saw a picture of these cheese fries on a NYC food Instagram and immediately started craving them.  Today I ventured to the Shake Shack in the Flatiron District to try them out first hand.  They did not disappoint.  The fries are super crunchy and the cheese is to die for.  The fries also come with a wooden stabby thing so your hands don’t have to get messy.

I would recommend going to Shake Shack at 11:40am to beat the lunch rush.  I only waited for about 10 minutes.

Author: Rachael

Shake Shack: Website, Yelp, Instagram



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  1. elsie says:

    Their cheese fries are THE best! I may just go at the right time, but I always find the shortest line is at the Shake Shack in Grand Central Terminal. It might be out of your way though.

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    1. ctnycfood says:

      Thanks for the tip! 💝

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